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Since 2007 more than 5,087 Academically Students have been identified, awarded and celebrated in Youngstown City Schools.


In the past 10 years 21,500 parents, family members, community supporters, educators and leaders in the political and religious community, who support youth achievement, have participated in the Olympiad events.

The academic Achievement of our student is the reason we do what we do. There is no higher calling than providing our Community's children with the highest quality education that our taxpayer dollars can provide.

It is our shared responsibility as a citizens of our community.

Establishing a successful Home School Community Partnership to support students, parents, families and teachers will ensure our children's success and ultimately our community's success.

​Our Team

We are defined by our ability to always engage the "WE" in our effort to help our children succeed. The "WE" means that we create a caring collaborative that supports Academic Achievement and students, parents, families, teachers and the administrators that manage our children's community schools.

Organized and lead by the FAMILY Empowerment Student Achievement Institute, Inc., "WE" are a Successful Collaborative of student achievers, parents, family members, teachers, administrators, community members and sponsors that put our children's achievement first.

We are the Academic Achievement Olympiad Community Collaborative. Our members are from throughout Mahoning County. They come together from Youngstown, Poland, Canfield, Boardman, Campbell, Struthers and Liberty

We invitate you to JOIN US in our effort to ensure the highest quality education for our children.

CALL: 330-967-0280 AND SIGN UP 


Give us a call:


In The



5,087 Academically achieving Youngstown City School Students have qualified to be honored over the past 12 years.


Over 21,500 students, parents, family and community members have shown up to celebrate City Schools Achievers.



Community and Corporate sponsors provided the necessary funding to ensure  all events were successful 



Coveli Enterprises, Chemical Bank, Akron Childrens' Hospital, Parent Student Union, Altrusia International Youngstown and the NAACP Youngstown/Mahoning County.​

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